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's an odd new trend on the streets of oakland. when it comes to traffic stops, police there just don't make them like they used to. cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez explains why the numbers are down so much. >> reporter: as we drove the streets of oakland this afternoon the only police cars we saw were parked at the oakmont police substation. truth is site of a cop pulling over a car is more rare. the number of police stops in oakland is down some 75% from a few years ago. that's according to numbers obtained by the "chronicle" which shows oakland police made about 68,000 stops in 2008 and 2009. in 2010, the number went down to 49,000. in 2011, another huge drop to about 25,000. and by the end of this year, the projected number of police stops in oakland will be 15,733. police cite factors including layoffs which reduced the police force by 25%, cops running from one 911 call to another making it harder to make stops in between. also, special investigative and traffic teams have been disbanded including the motorcycle squads. >> just the motorcycle squads alone would be responsible for an average
. >>> both oakland and san francisco planned gunning buy back this is past weekend long before the tragedy in connecticut but the mass shooting may have pushed more people to unload their weapons. cars stretched around the block in oakland where officers bought the weapons saturday morning no questions asked. cbs 5 political insider phil matier shows us how the buyback brought together some interesting partnerships. >> reporter: this is one of the more unusual partnerships we have ever seen but today, nobody was arguing with the results. here's the story. >> this is a semi-automatic pistol. this would go over your arm and up on your shoulder so you can carry it underneath your clothing. this one actually has a bayonet. >> reporter: that was opd officer joanna watson showing off a few of the 596 guns including three assault weapons that were taken off the street of oakland and san francisco during this weekend's big gun buyback. one day after the connecticut school shootings. >> this on the heels of what took place on friday shows that the community is very -- becoming very sensitive, very
kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. the oakland zoo. the zoo got a check for one million dollars in the mail today from an anonymous donor. a >>> christmas came early for the oakland zoo. they got a check for a million dollars in the mail today from an anonymous donor. a letter to the head of the oakland zoo board of trustees said there were no restrictions on spending the money. the zoo saw 700,000 guests pass through the gates this year and zoo officials say the money is needed for improvement. >>> anglers who want to add a little rainbow trout might try lake chabot. cbs 5 reporter don ford shows us the lake was stocked with 2,000 pounds of the beauties. >> reporter: the california department of fish & game trout truck took its time getting ready to dump tons of trout into the lake. >> they're big ones so, you know, 2-pound rainbow trout can be 14, 15" long. >> reporter: lake chabot water is clean and the right temperature say officials. the fish are transported in these stainless steel tanks and when the plug is pulled, they simply flow down the hose into the
removal of the command staff. nonetheless, oakland officials are saying it is a compromise they can work with and live with and besides, it avoids the black eye of a takeover, something that would be a first in the country. dana? >> so phil, the chief now answers to this compliance officer instead of the mayor. where is the mayor in all of this? >> reporter: the mayor is going to be right next to the chief because the compliance officer is going to not only be telling the chief what to do working with the chief on these matters but will have the direct say of the court, as well. they will be able to go with the court. the mayor is going to be quite honestly for this purpose off to the side. what oakland did however get away from was the courts coming in with a complete takeover of the department and that could have even led to the court saying you don't have enough cops on the street, you need to hire more. but for right now, it's strictly on the officers conduct not what's going on on the street in terms of crime. >> so the full takeover is still potentially on the table? >> repor
: the organizers in oakland say they plan to take this thing statewide perhaps as early as next august with the financial support of cannabis clubs around california and then maybe even nationwide. they gathered some 300 guns this weekend and then since then 97 more including two machine guns. >> i think that people really, really, really are sick of violence in oakland and i think that this is a direct response. >> reporter: a few of days after the gun buy-back in oakland people say even more young people have come forward to sell back all sorts of weapons for $200 each. from handguns to rifles even one with a bayonet. many are more sophisticated than what the cops carry. >> among the recovered weapons, this guy, a mac 11 an uzi style machine pistol capable of going fully a.m. another young man turned in a machine gun, as well. this is a calico 9-millimeter also capable of going automatic with a choice between 50 rounds and 100 rounds magazines easily attached. >> when we saw the guns, we thought, oh, my god, we're so glad that we kept the door open. and we kept asking for guns. >> re
bay area police departments to step up their schools' presence today. oakland, fremont, san leandro and palo alto all increased school patrols. the san francisco schools already have resource officers. extra police or not schools across the bay area are also addressing tragedy in connecticut. cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez is in san francisco with a look at how local school districts are handling it. >> reporter: schools across the bay area have spent the day reassuring parents that, yes, they are doing everything they can to keep their children as safe as possible. it may be 3,000 miles away from the worst grade school shooting in american history but still, the mood here is somber. >> i think every parent is turning around and saying, i got to hug my kids that much tighter today. i got a text from a friend who said i drove straight from my son's preschool and gave him a hug and said, son, i love you. i want to let you know that. i think that's how every parent is feeling like horrible sadness for the families that are going through this and need to reconnect. >> reporter: san francisc
killing one of them. it happened in oakland last night. cbs 5 reporter da lin tells us police are still looking for a passenger who took off running. >> reporter: two officers pulled over a bmw for speeding. the driver stopped but once the officers got out of their car, investigators say the bmw sped away. less than a mile away the driver of the bmw broadsided a black lincoln on 98th avenue. the impact killed the passenger in the sedan a woman in her early 20s. four other people inside suffered minor to serious injuries. witnesses say they could hear it from blocks away. >> big noise, bang. >> reporter: the chp says after the crash, the bmw's driver and his passenger ran off but officers captured the driver nearby 34-year-old moore facing two charges of evading police and vehicular manslaughter. >> did not appear to be very much under the influence. he was able to exit his vehicle and flee the scene. so that would show that he is coherent. >> reporter: surveillance footage from a gas station shows the passenger sprinting across a gas station to get away from police. and tonight, they ar
student disappeared a week ago after she walked away from a group home in oakland for mentally disabled teens. staff say they followed the girl to the fruitvale bart station but lost sight of her. two days later she was found alone on a bus in san francisco. her dad said she had bruises all around her neck. >> i want this person -- i want him in prison for the rest of his life for what he did and what he did was violent and evil. >> oakland police arrested the suspect. he is identified as gary atkinson, 36 from san francisco. he faces charges including kidnapping and rape. social service workers are investigating if employees at the group home acted appropriately. >>> it's payback time for a bay area politician accused of using his procurement card like a personal slush fund. santa clara county board president george shirakawa has been ordered to immediately repay nearly $13,000 in charges. that's after an internal audit found that he had been billing taxpayers for things such as golf fees and rental car upgrades. shirakawa says he will return most of the money but is challenging some o
. >>> new questions tonight on how well the oakland police department will function under scrutiny by a federal monitor. the city has agreed to surrender some control of the opd. cbs 5 reporter da lin on those who say it will now be harder to fight crime. >> that agreement in my opinion is going to be absolutely worse for the oakland police department to be able to function. >> reporter: oakland mayor jean quan and police chief howard jordan did not want to talk about the partial federal takeover. but councilman ignacio de la fuente says the arrangement creates too many restrictions on police officers to fight crime. >> police got have the ability to use what they learn in order to identify people before they commit crimes. >> reporter: the compliance director would be able to punish and fire the police chief and the command staff. civil rights attorney john burris says that person is basically the chief of the police chief. >> this is a game changer in many ways, and so it should be felt all the way down to the officers on the street. >> reporter: burris insists the compliance dir
. >>> developing news out of oakland. a man cleaning out his basement found more than 5 pounds of dynamite. he called police and the alameda county bomb squad removed it. about a dozen neighbors had to be evacuated during all that. the explosives had been there for more than 30 years without the guy even knowing it. they do date back to world war ii. >>> a young woman who police say was drunk and behind the wheel of a car that plowed into a group of people enjoying the city lights from twin peaks went before a judge today. turns out the woman wanted to be a cop. cbs 5 reporter da lin tells us now she faces a long prison sentence. >> reporter: the suspect gina eunice is locked up tonight. she appeared briefly in court at the hall of justice this afternoon. she did not enter a plea. a judge set her bail amount at $2 million citing public safety for that high amount. instead of up holing the law, gina eunice seen here in an orange jumpsuit found herself on the wrong side of the law. >> studying criminal justice hoping to become a police officer. >> reporter: her attorney says eunice was about to
christmas. >> perfect. >> reporter: can't do this in oakland which is why the reyes family ended up testify first snow on the right. >> 6:00 in the morning, got ready, had some food and came out at 9:00. >> reporter: three hours to get ready for the snow? sure. they are from oakland. >> in oakland, this is okay but not here. >> reporter: here at the corner of no parking any time and emergency parking only at the first snow on the right, there is a big cliff. not something that we hear about these days, but the real one. >> we would love to hear about first snow on the right. last year was about 70 degrees. you could not build that with you look at me now. >> reporter: that's when snow pack is 27% of normal. now it's 140%. we have an increase in the fall factor. fall down, climb up. >> reporter: why fall down and climb up? >> because that's fun. >> reporter: that's fun? >> yes. >> reporter: more fun than in the bay area. this is the reyes family wishing you a white christmas. >> reporter: and for me, too, at the first snow on right, i'm mark sugarman. >> it may not be the first snow but cert
implementing it citywide, he will start with east oakland and divide east oakland into two districts and assign a police captain to each district. >> we strengthen our relationships with the community. we build trust and we hold the captains and the command officers responsible for knowing about and addressing crime. >> reporter: they are hire more civilians to help free up officers from desk duty to get most of the 616 oakland police officers on the streets. bill bratton will start early next year. the chief will not say exactly when. also, bill bratton is not the federal compliance director. you will remember a judge ordered oakland to have a compliance director. this is unrelated to that. live here in oakland, i'm da lin, cbs 5. >> thank you. >>> an 11-year-old daly city boy is dead after a police chase in pasadena. joe vazquez on the accident and neighbors who are devastated by the news. joe. >> reporter: the victim, allen, is 11-year-old kendrick ing here with his family on 89th street in daly city. they are presumed still to be in southern california dealing with the
oakland at the airport two inches of rainfall. on the peninsula sfo 2." marin county in the north bay, st. helena nearly 6" of rain in 24 hours. so flood watches are still posted and there's more rain to come but right now you we are getting a break. more in the seven-day forecast coming up. >>> more than 7" of rain fell in the santa cruz mountains and cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez has that part of our coverage and word of a death that may be linked to this storm. joe. >> reporter: dana, we have spent our time up here in the santa cruz mountains but along the coastline in the swollen sokel creek which is in the town of capitola, this morning joggers found a body that washed up in the creek. now, police are being careful about this body. they are saying there is no sign of foul play. they say it appears to be a man in his 30s. but coincidentally there were also signs for a missing person in the area. so they are not positive that man was a victim of the storm. that investigation continues. now, back out live here in the mountains. folks here are used to the rain perhaps a little too used to a
this one started in san jose and ended in oakland. chp officers wanted to stop the car because it didn't have its headlights on. at times, they reached speeds of 90 miles an hour and finally used a spike strip to stop that driver. he was arrested for recklessly evading police officers. >>> two of the three firefighters hurt while responding to a crash in orinda are out of the hospital tonight. they were helping victims involved in one car crash along highway 24 yesterday when another car crashed into them. two of the firefighters suffered broken bones. the other had a concussion. >>> muni is trying to make the central subway's biggest skeptics its newest allies. it plans to do so by extending the railways. cbs 5 reporter phil matier with the new strategy for the central subway. phil. >> reporter: that's right, dana. that's a good point. one of the ways to get people on board with this central subway, well, how about giving them a subway stop? here's the story. >> if we looked at the future of the city of san francisco it would make sense. >> reporter: that was the muni chief ed reiskin
month. all of the attacks have happened near 23rd street in richmond. >>> in oakland, police say a man plunged during last night's raiders game, it was accident. the he climbed over the wall outside the third deck, hung briefly from the railing and then dropped 30 feet. he is now in serious condition at highland hospital in oakland. in livermore, they have been open less than a month and the outlet already has a new name and new owner. sun ridge property group said it acquired the outlet which is home to 130 stores. the price was not released. the new owners have already changed the name to livermore valley premium outlet. >>> bullying at school. more troubling is what happened when the two girls spoke up. girls tell us they are being bullied, even physically threatened at school and the district and school aren't doing anything about it. watch what we found when we checked into it. >> the school sign proclaims in bold letters be safe, responsible, respectful. but keep elementary is anything but according to these two fifth graders. >> they punch us, they slap us. >> samantha and autum
. >> reporter: nola runs a nonprofit in oakland known as messy which empowers girls exploited by the sex trade industry. she says the sisters are one of the reasons why they can continue to help victims in the east bay. >> we stand on their shoulders. we would not be here doing the work that we do if it wasn't for their support. >> reporter: the sisters say it's a long battle and this award only reaffirms that they are making a difference. >> every small act combined with other small acts becomes a big act. >> reporter: in fremont, i'm da lin, cbs 5. >>> covering the bay area the morgan hill man suspected of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar did not enter a plea it court today. that's because antolin garcia- torres is now also charged with trying to schedule nap three women in 2009 -- trying to kidnap three women in 2009 all from safeway parking lots in morgan hill. his next court date is february 6. >>> two people behind bars in connection with a marijuana grow operation in oakland. they were arrested after police raided a warehouse near edgewater drive and roland way early this morning. of
's not for sports. it's really a gun of war. >> reporter: san francisco mayor ed lee and oakland mayor jean quan agree with the federal assault weapons ban that's already in place in california. the two cities just had their largest gun buy-back event taking 600 firearms off the streets. >> the reality is we can buy back hundreds but if we can't stop the flow into nevada and increasingly now for the internet and other sources, this is where we really need and that's why i think you see the mayors across the country trying to put pressure on the federal government. >> reporter: but will public sentiment last long enough to fight strong lobbying groups line the nra? san jose mayor chuck reed weighed in. >> i think people have a right to not necessarily use assault weapons anytime anywhere they want. and i think within the limits of the constitution, there are things we can do and we should. >> some may see it as a smart political move and it may be. but there's always risk. >> reporter: this political consultant says the political momentum is strong enough to call for more gun control. >> i think
bridge from our roof top here at kpix. temperatures made it to 60 in oakland. gillroy you hit ix. hayward 58. san francisco and san rafael a little bit cooler. 55 and 54 respectively. already seeing just a few light showers due west. it will be tomorrow afternoon until that rain moves in. tonight as clouds increase, we will see temperatures in the upper 30s out to the low 4s in concord and san rafael. mid 40s for san francisco and oakland. tomorrow it will be cooler. already cloud cover moving in ahead of that next system. 4:00was a lot cloudier than 8:00 or 9:67:89 the next storm system will be moving in just a bit to the north. that is key as we watch this next guy move in. some of you got about 6 inches of rainfall. we will see rain tomorrow evening but not heavy. later on this week, thursday, friday, it is all about this. high pressure moving in. storm track goes up to other gone. we will be dry here in northern california. dry tonight and for the first half of tomorrow then rain moves in north to south, but it will not be a repeat of the heavy rainfall we had over the weekend. chris
-old san francisco woman and a 21-year- old oakland man both of them charged with murder. the three other suspects, a 19- year-old, 22-year-old and 24- year-old women from hercules have been charged with accessory to murder. investigators say the victims did know their suspects. >> it was established that there was an expensive relationship between the victims -- extensive relationship between the victims and the suspect in this case. i can't get into detail about the relationships. >> reporter: they would elaborate on a motive nor confirm that the case may be connected to a drug or prostitution or a trafficking ring. one of the victims, 26-year-old steven reed, did die of his injuries on sunday night. the 18-year-old female victim remains hospitalized. at one point, she did have life- threatening injuries. tonight police say they do expect her to live. reporting live in san francisco, linda yee, cbs 5. >>> san francisco police have their second edition of their line-up videos showing two men pistol whipping and robbing a man at laguna and cleary back in july. they took off in a silver do
setting a record high of 68. oakland is down to 61. oakland tied a high temperature. here is what is ahead for the bay area. whenever you get high pressure, right behind it you will get unusually cool weather. it will be sunny early tomorrow but then rain will move in late tomorrow night and through wednesday. so, rain and cold late tuesday and wednesday. it will be totally different by the end of the week. fog in the morning will be a factor. we have dense fog, especially for the coast. temperatures start out at 9:00 around 55 for much of the bay area. here is what happened today. high pressure that's over the eastern pacific is finally getting numbered east. so, the big storm track that has been heading north is finally going to sink south. as it does, it's going to bring rain with it by tuesday night. totals will be about a quarter of an inch to a half an inch. tomorrow looks okay. if you are heading out of sfo tomorrow, mostly sunny skies. winds will be out of the west with a high of 58. for the rest, new york is all right with partly cloudy skies and a temperature of 54. chicago's sun
to low 50s. certainly a bit more mild by the bay in oakland and san francisco where we're around 50. temperatures dropping overnight not as chilly as yesterday. temperatures for most folks likely in the mid- to upper 30s although a few spots will likely hit freezing. the rain returns tomorrow afternoon and we stay wet and windy through the extended forecast. i'll have details coming up in a bit. >> thank you. >> done nothing for us but try to bring us down. >> shut down because of prostitution. why a notorious bay area motel looks like it will reopen. >> just one day out of the blue they were all gone. >> a rash of bizarre bay area thefts. what used to be here on the sidewalk. >> and are you getting overcharged at the checkout line? the big grocery chain that was found to make more mistakes than other stores. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, south bay. today sheriffs identified a third suspect the case. in >>> new details about the abduction of a happened did i man in the south bay. that -- handyman in the south bay. a third suspect was identified. investigators say the victim was lured into a m
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21